Stimulate the Healing Process with an Amarillo, TX Chiropractor

Whether you're recovering from an accident or you have long-term back issues, Total Works Chiropractic can reduce your discomfort.

We offer a variety of adjunctive therapies that are designed to stimulate the healing process and minimize pain.

The therapy stimulates endorphins and other pain relievers that are naturally produced by the body. Cold laser therapy is a pain-free way to speed up cellular division and muscle healing. We also offer diathermy, intersegmental traction and foot bath detox options. We also have Ultra sound therapy: designed to increase the blood flow to the area to help relax the muscles and help speed the healing process to the injured tissue.

Find out what form of therapy will work best for your needs. Contact Total Works Chiropractic today to schedule a consultation for adjunctive therapy in Amarillo, TX.

How to get back pain relief

How to get back pain relief

Dr. Todd Wesley, D.C. and his staff make it easy to minimize aches and strains in your back. Here's how you can get back pain relief:

  • Step 1-Visit Dr. Todd Wesley, D.C. at Total Works Chiropractic.
  • Step 2-Follow lifestyle and stretching instructions from Dr. Todd Wesley, D.C.
  • Step 3-Find out what form of therapy will work best for your needs

Depending on your circumstances, you may only need a few visits to reap the benefits of a strong and pain-free back once again. Call 806-463-2225 for your chiropractic adjustment and adjunctive therapy!