What Is the Activator Technique?

What Is the Activator Technique?

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Total Works Chiropractic offers a pain relief option called the activator technique. Instead of manual twisting and popping the neck and back, this technique uses a hand held instrument that will apply a specific controlled adjsutment to relieve discomfort.

During the procedure, you’ll lie face down. Dr. Todd Wesley, D.C. will use the instrument to apply the adjustment to the vertebrae gently. You’ll notice your tightness and soreness melt away almost instantly. From newborns to older people who suffer from osteoporosis, this simple technique is effective for all ages.

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Why get a spinal adjustment?

If you suffer from sciatica, osteoporosis or other conditions that impact your spine, consider getting a spinal adjustment from Total Works Chiropractic.

We offer relief options that pinpoint and reduce your discomfort in a gentle and relaxing manner.

Book an appointment for a spinal adjustment in Amarillo, TX today with Dr. Todd Wesley, D.C. at Total Works Chiropractic. You’ll be pain-free in no time.